Thursday, July 22, 2004

You know every so often the various agencies of the federal government do something that makes me scratch my head. Recently the CRTC our anal-retensive commission that has the role of deciding what is fit for Canadians to watch and listen to, sort of a modern "ministry of propaganda and public enlightenment'. Well they made a couple of decisions which make me wonder. First of all, a radio station in Quebec CHOI had their license pulled by the commission because they allowed their morning DJ to be rather boorish. Now you have to remember this is Canada, the world's largest nanny state, where you are not allowed to think bad thoughts, only government approved thoughts. They DJ's were like a lot of DJ's and involved in the 'shock jock' stuff that Howard Stern made famous. What makes this ruling rater ominous is this quote: "The decision by the CRTC, which marked the first time the regulator has refused to renew a radio licence because of on-air views, was criticized by some observers as censorship and an infringement on freedom of expression". Look forward to more of this because I believe once you censor one thing, it becomes easier to censor the next and the next, you get my drift. So now the CRTC is involved in deciding what is proper thought for Canadians. Like I said, the nanny state, you know if you don't like something there is a few things you can do; you can stop listening, you can write or call and complain, you can promise to raise hell with the sponsors of the program. You can do a lot, you have that choice and freedom. However once you let the government decide what is right you enter a very nasty time.

In a related piece of news, the same regulatory body which censored one station for saying bad things, is allowing the Arab satellite broadcaster Al-Jazeera to be a part of Canadian satellites systems. My question for the CRTC is this, are they allowed because they are stridently anti-American or because they are anti-Semitic. You see, in the nanny state there are thoughts allowed but only those sanctioned by the State. In Canada you are allowed to be anti-American and anti-Semitic.

One more thing, came across this article. Very funny my only fear is that the CRTC will read this and think it's a good idea.


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