Monday, July 26, 2004

I got a frantic phone call, seems my brother got nailed with one of those fraudulent dialers. Seems his modem has been calling people in Estonia and Sao Tome. I just want to say to those morons who design such things, I hope your burn long and painfully. It seems more and more people are figuring there is a thrill from sticking viruses, trojan horses and other things on computers to screw people up. I read an article that said service was slow on Google because someone made a worm. Why bother. I know Google is set to have an IPO and make people a lot of money but why bother something that a lot of people use for their searches. I admit I google on a regular basis, especially if I want to look up interesting facts.

To give an example I spent an hour or so looking up information on the Chinese poet Qu Yuan . You can ask why and the answer will be because it was interesting. It started by looking for information about Rice Dumplings, which was from an Iron Chef episode. I found there is a legend attached having to do with the suicide of this poet. I also learned that Dragon Boat festivals are held in commemoration to Qu Yuan. I also read some of his poetry. So all because of a single google.

Yet there are malicious cranks that want to cause damage. Those of you, please grow up and let the rest of us continue with our interesting lives.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system. Oh by the way, if your phone bill does have calls to Sao Tome, contact PhoneBusters. The page has their toll free phone and fax number, it will be worth it to report these clowns.

Went for my run today, far better 6k, 36:44- better then the 39 I had before.


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