Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I did my run for the day, another 6 km with the time of 36'47". I think that's just a touch slower then last time, although I did run a faster final 300 metres then before. I'm going to blame traffic on this one, I was held up crossing the street.

You know I wonder if we should not declare 2004 the "Year of the Salad". Seems every fast food restaurant has added salads to their menu. I notice that Wendy is doing salad up big, although this is not anything new to them, I remember going to Wendy's in the 80's and enjoying their salad bar. Yes that was a treat, baked potato and salad bar. People laughed but they were looking to the future. Then the 90's hit which was the supersize decade and now as we enter the first decade of the 21st century there is the realization we have supersized people. So salad is a good choice, plus it may stave off the inevitable lawsuits that are bound to come to the fast food industry.

Salad, always a good thing.


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