Friday, July 23, 2004

The joy of knowing the holiday has begun is a great. Going to be a busy couple of weeks, what with a family reunion happening next Sunday. Still this is the weekend to relax and take it is.

I was going to come up with some interesting political comments; and I still plan to. The CRTC has been getting under my skin for years. A lot of it has to do with its mandate to 'protect Canadian culture'. When you look at your television there is a lot less Canadian culture. In fact the national networks seem to do without a lot of CanCulture. As far as I can figure most of the restrictions have to do with allowing Canadian advertisers to show their commercials.

But I wonder why on one hand ESPN, HBO and the channels Canadians want to see are unavailable, but Al-Jazeera is totally acceptable. Good question, I guess if Canadians saw what, more sports it might make us question our loyalty to Canada. It's nonsense we require this regulatory body to tell us what to watch or not to watch. But they do, the Globe and Mail had this little report: "The RAI bid to the CRTC was a huge election issue among Italian-Canadians, with senior Liberal MPs promising that the channel would find its way on to the Canadian airwaves". Then in Quebec, 15000 protested the closing of their favourite radio station.

Good thing I live in such a free land, where I can decide what to watch or listen to without fear.


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