Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I thought I'd make mention of the Lenten service I attended today. It was a great turnout, consider how crummy the weather is today, good fellowship and a great service. The speaker used the text of Zechariah 9:9-10.
Certainly it's one of those traditional Easter time passages but he gave an entirely different look. He considered the work of the donkey, actually a colt and suggested that we can be donkeys for christ. By that He meant we carry the presence of Jesus into the world.
When you think about it, that's a fascinating interpretation and fits with a lot of other passages, such as ACts 1:8. The call of the believer is to bring Christ to the world. I guess sometimes we can be good at it, other times we kind of stumble along the way.
Something to make a person think. And really, that's what you want out of a Lenten service, a chance to hear something fresh and the time to ponder the meaning later on in the day.

I've been thinking about my country ( Canada) and after all the news of the recent advertisement scandel I have to wonder what sort of third world banana republic we have become. I could go on about the scandel and how the then PM seem to operate as if he was above the law. But what really has been getting me is the silence of the national media. When the Auditor General announced the results of her finding, this was not the first time the wiff of scandel was revealed. A few years ago it was first revealed and the result was that the then Minister of Public Works Alfonso Gagliano was sent off as Ambassador of Denmark. Why Denmark? I guess because Liechtenstein was filled.
What gets to me is this question, where is the media. They followed the scandel as long as it was in the public eye and dropped it as quickly as possible. Why didn't someone send reporters off to GroupActione and sniff around to find out what is happening? Is our media the lapdog of the Liberal government or what? They are silent. There was no reporters digging deeper into the story, they ignored it. I say to all the members of the Canadian media, shame on you. Your silence ensured the government continued to abuse their power and the funds entrusted to them by the taxpayers of Canada. You are just as culpable as the rest.
I'll have more on this subject later.


Monday, March 29, 2004

Well, here I go, getting on the self-publishing blog thing. Let me say this is not the first time I've self-published. I've been publishing my own poetry and culture ezine for the last six years.
Still I've not had time to set something up that will give me the opportunity to express myself through this medium. Look for my thoughts on topics that interest me over the next little while, and beyond.