Monday, June 20, 2005

NewsChannel 5 Network

I believe the sin of CPB is being too liberal. Funny, the right has Fox News, aww let's say almost all the major news media, because corporate America is in bed with the Bushies. What they want total control.
Last Throes. I watched this interesting video of a news conference from the White House. Apparently the latest news is that the Iraqi insurgency is in it's last throes. Why they say this is because there are more attacks and these attacks are causing more casulties. All this proves the insurgents, the terrorists are losing. Now let's figure this out, more US forces, more Iraqi police are being killed in May and June then at any other time. There have been more attacks, but what the US public is asked is to look beyond the casulties. I mean they have better weapons, so they don't need so many people blowing themselves up.

Okay, let's figure it out, if you blow up more people then the other side that usually means you are winning. "Desperate terrorist" are trying to derail the trip to democracy in Iraq. The Terrorist don't want democracy, but for some reason, these terrorists are able to operate with impunity, they seem to be able to blow people up at will. All the battles the US have engaged in have not stopped the insurgents, this sounds like a group with a fair level of civilian support. I mean how can they get away with it.

I thought President Bush declared the war over, yes but still people are getting killed, there are still military operations going on.

Now we have the release of the Downing Street Memo, which gives some discussion on the then upcoming war. The telling paragraph is: It seemed clear that Bush had made up his mind to take military action, even if the timing was not yet decided. But the case was thin. Saddam was not threatening his neighbors, and his WMD capability was less than that of Libya, North Korea or Iran". Reminds me of the quote from Charles Foster Kane regarding Cuba, "You supply the photos and I'll supply the war".

Now there are cracks showing in the ranks of the Republican Party, one Senator has told that the Bush administration has to face reality on the situation in Iraq. It is going badly, the war is on the verge of being lost by the US forces. For a Republican Senator to even admit this is amazing and so the truth must be far worse then imaginable. What is interesting is this is not the news the US people are getting, they are getting the news of the White House, that the war is going well, that the Iraqi people are taking over the policing of their nation and they are making headway in the war against terror. Meanwhile, there has been another suicide bombing this time at a police station in a Kurdish city. Wait a minute, the Kurds hated Saddam, they backed the US they wanted regime change. Now this?

I wonder if it's time for someone to use the "I" word around President Bush, and by that I mean "Impeach" him.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A couple of things to blog about. I watched Call for Help today. It was the episode featuring Kevin Rose, late of Attack of the Show and before that the late and lamented The Screen Savers, he was discussing with his old friend Leo Laporte. The purpose for this week was to discuss how one can produce television for the internet. Kevin has launched a new website called systm. He has produced, to this point, two episodes in which he examines, with his co-host Dan Huard. Dan is another victim of the TechTV to G4TechTV to G4TV debacle. He lost his job when the powers at Comcast decided to "change" The ScreenSavers again.

Other things on my mind. The roses are doing incredible. I'll post a pix of some of them in another blog. The garden is also thriving, I am expecting some flowering any day now. Can't wait for the first harvest of peppers and tomatoes. That will definately be photograph worthy.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

A couple of weeks ago, I attended an archery demonstration put on by the local medieval society. It was near my hometown. My daughters, who are very big into all things medieval and such begged me to come along. I was able, at their behest to borrow some garb and so here I am. Posted by Hello
Patriot Act Push Angers Some on Right

The USA Patriot Act, an act devised to protect Americans from those who would take advantage of the rights and freedoms they have enjoyed for over 200 years.

I was thinking about my history the other day and was impressed that it was a Republican, small government President that instituted an act which had the most far reaching effects in the lives of the average citizen. It is also interesting at the timing of the bill. It did not happen during the cold war. Yes there were times when the various government agencies either toed the line or in some cases straddled the line. Usually they ended up being punished.

It was always understood that the Bills of Rights was the cornerstone to American Democracy. It punished those who would abuse it, consider Daniel Ellsberg and his struggle with the Nixon White House.

Even when there was incidences of domestic terrorism, Waco and Oklahoma City, the Bill of Rights held firm.

Now, external terrorists bring about the change of government thinking so that a draconian measure such as Patriots can be accepted without realizing the full ramification.

The sad thing is, the threat of terrorism is used to bring about exactly what the terrorist want, the freedoms enjoyed by the West. And Bush, wanting to do what he wants with the minimum of interference, is shredding the Constitution to protect his agenda which is to make the world safe for his oil buddies, including the Saudis.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

PaperMoon, an amalgam of the Bonaduces and B'ehl have their own music page. I've been a fan of B'ehl for a number of years, having both their CD's.

I missed getting the first paper moon, a mistake I will not make with their next CD. Right now as I write this, they are working on their second CD, so look for it. You can go to
Endearing Records
for information regarding the release date and the cost. Or join the newsletter. Their website is, there you will find information on joining.

Oh by the way, they're looking for a fifth membr of the band. Read about it on the website.