Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Supper rules irk churches

Lately the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has been in the news due to its zeal in cracking down on the GREATEST HEALTH RISK FACING CANADIANS. What is it, you may ask. Well, let's consider the list.

Is it; West Nile? Please
How about Avian Flu? Oh get over yourself
The increase of Sexually Transmitted Diseases? What millenium are you living in.

No, the greatest health risk facing the people of Windsor and Essex County is, wait for it, the Church Supper. I know, gasp, the horror. It's true, they are going after the church supper. What they have doen is:
the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has sent letters to all churches and fraternal organizations advising them the unit will require advance notification and an inspection before any special event where food is prepared and served to the public.

Let's think about a few things, the average home is far cleaner the then best restaurant in any city, have you ever watched Restaurant Makeover? The people cooking have an interest in ensuring the food is at its best. They are aware that if anyone gets sick it will spell the end of their supper. Plus if they cook in the same environment and with the same care as they feed their own family, things should be safe.

But this logic fails in the minds of the Supper Stazi, another example of bureaucrats inventing a new way to protect us from ourselves. Or should I say, making a crisis, or dealing with a crisis where none exists.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Essex Rotary Club-2006

Here is the Rotary Club receiving the Presidential Citation for Service over the year 2006. This is a great citation and it demonstrates the work of the Club in areas such as membership, vocation, internation and community.

Way to go all.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Transparent Toaster



It's what we have been waiting for, the transparent toaster.  A company called Inventables has designed the concept that is still a few years away from showing up on the shelves of Wal-Mart. 

The concept is simple, the glass heats up and browns the bread into toast.  I can see a number of positives for this devise, the main one being you are no longer dependent on your nose to determine if the toast is done.  Usually, when you can smell your toast it is too late.  Now a quick glance up from the newspaper will allow you to gauge the time left before you have the perfect piece or pieces of toast.

It is indeed what the world has been waiting for.


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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Your results:
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sony Pictures - The Da Vinci Code

So I had opportunity to see Da Vinci Code on Monday. There was a good crowd in the theatre. So after sitting back I watched with interest the movie. Let me say I did read the book so I am familiar with the various points of historical controversy that were part of the whole Da Vinci Code.

Here is my thoughts of the movie: overall I was satisfied with it. The movie was true to the book, althought a number of scenes were cut out, but then again this is always expected with movie adaptions of books. Secondly, it is interesting to see the various misinterpretations of history, such as the whole pagan v Christian thing. While there was discussion that both sides were involved in atrocity, if you know the history of the early church it was usually the Christians that got it in the end, in fact it wasn't until 313 AD, with the Edict of Milan that there was religious tolerance throughout the Roman Empire.

There was some interesting historical cutaways, one which showed the supposed court at Nicea where it was alledged they discussed the divinity of Jesus. What was funny was the showing of the delegates in ecclesiastic robes, which would have been something considering that official persecution had just ended, so likely robes of fine material was not part of the wearing apparel.

Oh yes, I thought the movie downplayed the evidence as found in the book, the whole "Last Supper" scene made the concept of Mary Magdelene being the disciple by Jesus almost foolish. It more disproved rather then brought up proof. Perhaps it was the way Sir Ian McKellen played his character but his evidence seemed far more circumstancial and only a theory and a poor one at best.

I though Audrey Tautou was the perfect Sophie and Tom Hanks was a good Robert Langdon. Tom Hanks did give the performance of a man that was being moved along by circumstances not totally under his control, which was the case.

The cinematography was brilliant with the various scenes of the book well portrayed. The ending was a delight, the interaction between Sophie and Robert, at the end removed the risk of an anticlimax.

I would say that if you plan to see the movie, do a quick search of Leonardo Da Vinci and the history of the early Christian Church to gain a good balance.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Skype is Free

Perhaps you got the information by reading  If you did you know that Skype is now making it available for people to call any telephone in North America for free.  Yes, that is the word, 'free'.
If you go to the Skype site you can get all the information. This is what you need to do, download the software, have a computer with high speed internet and own a headset.  When you install the software, get it running, plug in the headset and start dialing.
There is a information page here
Again, let me say, you can call any telephone number in North America, either a long distance one or a local. 
You may be wondering what the reception is like, I called a friend and we had a very nice chat and I asked him how it was sounding, it said the conversation was fine.  I could hear him clearly at my end as well.  He asked if a person could continue to work on the computer as well as use Skype so we did a quick test.  I opened up a word processor (Microsoft Works) and did a bit of typing, he said he thought there was a slight delay for just a moment, otherwise he detected nothing.
So let me say, it works and its worth it.  Remember free is always a good thing.  Mind you its only until the end of the year, but still, that's a lot of phone calls.
I want to recommend everybody download Skype and get going.
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Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Jo-Anne

It's Official
My lovely wife Jo-Anne is now 50.  Here she is getting 'pinned' by her older sister Maureen.  This act started the celebration.
The sisters, from left to right- Maureen, Barb, Jo-Anne, Kathy and Beverly.
Here they are, going through a scrapbook that contained information pertaining to 1956.  Had to be in book form, since most can't remember that far back.
Happy Birthday Jo-Anne.
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Thursday, May 18, 2006



East W L PCT GB Home Away DIV Streak
Boston 23 15 .605 --- 11-6 12-9 17-10 Lost 1
NY Yankees 23 15 .605 --- 14-7 9-8 10-7 Won 2
Toronto 22 17 .564 1 1/2 13-8 9-9 13-11 Won 1
Baltimore 19 22 .463 5 1/2 14-12 5-10 9-15 Won 1
Tampa Bay 16 24 .400 8 8-11 8-13 9-15 Lost 1
Central W L PCT GB Home Away DIV Streak
Chicago WSox 26 13 .667 --- 14-5 12-8 16-8 Won 1
Detroit 26 13 .667 --- 10-6 16-7 15-7 Won 6
Cleveland 19 21 .475 7 1/2 10-9 9-12 11-12 Won 2
Minnesota 17 23 .425 9 1/2 12-8 5-15 7-16 Lost 4
Kansas City 10 27 .270 15 8-8 2-19 10-16 Lost 5
West W L PCT GB Home Away DIV Streak
Oakland 20 19 .513 --- 9-10 11-9 11-6 Won 3
Texas 20 19 .513 --- 9-12 11-7 6-6 Lost 2
LA Angels 17 23 .425 3 1/2 8-11 9-12 6-8 Lost 1
Seattle 17 24 .415 4 9-13 8-11 6-9 Lost 2
This is a little off, because as I write this the Detroit Tigers have a one game lead over the defending World Series Champions, Chicago White Soxs.
Just meditate on that fact; Detroit, first place, best record in baseball.  Hard to imagine considering just two years ago they were the laughing  stock of the game.  An interesting bit of baseball trivia for all of you; whenever the Tigers have had a record of 27+ wins after 40 games, they have averaged 97+ wins for that season.  If this holds true the they will be in contention not only for the wild card but perhaps the Central Division title.
Now I know, there's still a lot of baseball to be played, and they have a challenging schedule but why can't we believe they can take the challenge on and do well?
By the way, for the record, Tigers have won 7 straight and have owned the Minnesota Twins, 6-0 at home and 1-2 in Minnesota.  Not bad, not bad at all.
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Monday, May 15, 2006

My New Sunday night Ritual

With the beauty of the Internet, I have a new ritual.  Each Sunday night, I make myself a bowl of popcorn, pour myself a glass of juice and fire up the computer.  I then start up the Media Center and start the new Doctor Who episode. 
I mentioned in an earlier blog I have found a place that shows the new episodes that feature David Tennant as our beloved Doctor and Billie Piper as his companion Rose Tyler.  So far this season, Rose's boyfriend Mikey, played by Noel Clarke has joined the crew but so far not as an equal.  He has felt a bit like the third wheel and really not that important.  By the way, the wikipedia article quotes from one of the British newspapers that (spoiler warning) Noel is leaving after the second part of the Cyberman episode.
I watched the Cybermen episode last night and it was a cliffhanger, the Doctor and his group surrounded by Cybermen who have decided they are to be deleted
The Cybermen are an interesting addition to a season which has seen the return of Sarah Jane Smith and K9 as well as reference to both Canada and a previous companion of the Doctor.  Also there is the setting of the stage of the new Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, which will be interesting.  In last night's episode there was a one-off mention of Torchwood, it was just in passing and you had to listen close.
So I plan to keep this going until the end, which will be during the first week of July, and then in the Fall, I'll watch the series on the CBC.  Hold it, just found this information.  So June 20th, that's fantastic.
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Sunday, May 14, 2006


You may have noticed the little comment that this is powered by Qumana.  Qumana is a desktop blog editor that provides tools for blogging.  Not only can you type and edit a blog, you can also add advertisement and tags.
There is an interesting overview of the software and what it does.  You can configure it so that once completed you can post your blog to your favourite blog site by just clicking on a link.
It's interesting and may be something you want to use.
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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Family Fun

Okay, first of all the names are being changed to protect the innocent.
Stephanie may figure the story out.  It has to do with two of her nieces, let's call them Lynnkate and Chelra.  It seems Lynnkate and Chelra were having an argument at the dinner table.  Lynnkate who is the eldest of the children was telling the younger she was stupid and couldn't do anything.
Chelra who is indeed the younger responded by saying there was one thing Lynnkate could not do.  This brought the response from Lynnkate that she could do everything.  Chelra looked at her sister and said the one thing Lynnkate couldn't do was "shut up".  This brought about a spasm of comments from Lynnkate to which Chelra calmly stated, 'see, you can't shut up'.
The parents of course couldn't respond as they could, but the father said they both laughed once the daughters left the table.
Chelra is a very smart little girl and it is a good thing she uses his wisdom for good.  However I fear she may be seduced by the dark side of the Force.Ads by AdGenta.comTechnorati Tags : ,
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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I found this excellent article from Encarta.


10 Reasons Baseball Is a Weird Sport
Baseball is the American national pastime and many people take the game rather seriously. In our earnest dedication, we may sometimes lose sight of some of the game's striking peculiarities. So let's take a step back for a moment and review the top 10 reasons baseball is one weird sport.

1. If a batter fails two-thirds of the time, they're still considered an excellent batter. It's too bad this standard isn't applied to everything else in life.

2. It is legal to "steal" in this game. This is, perhaps, a questionable example for children.

3. If you aren't such a good hitter, you can have a pinch hitter bat for you. If you aren't such a fast runner, you can have someone--a pinch runner--come in and run for you. At what point, you might wonder, is a team entirely comprised of "pinch" players?

4. There's a rule preventing pitchers from spitting on the ball. They can spit anywhere else they like, apparently.

5. If a batter walks with the bases loaded, he is credited with an RBI (Run Batted In). That's right: even though he didn't hit the ball.

6. The game is played on dirt and grass, but if the ball gets dirty, it is replaced with a new clean ball.

7. If a batter accidentally hits the catcher when swinging, it's the catcher's fault, even if the catcher gets injured. The batter is awarded a base. The catcher gets an apology, if he's lucky.

8. The coaches and managers wear the same uniforms as the players.

9. When a pitcher walks a batter, the batter jogs to first base. Incongruous, but it is a nice show of effort.

10. The 7th-inning stretch makes baseball the only sport where spectators must take part in calisthenics.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's a easy as eatin' a pancake

That quote, and photograph comes from the Space: Above and Beyond episode Ray Butts. This was another one of Fox's science fiction series that they managed to screw up. A forerunner if you wish of Firefly. The show centered on the lives of five Marines, members of the 58th Squadron, also known as the Wildcats.

Earth was at war with a mysterious race only called the Chiqs. Each week the show examined the lives of the five and their interaction with each other, other soldiers and the Chiqs.

The series only lasted one season and it certainly deserved more.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Big Bike Ride for Heart and Stroke

A few blogs ago I mentioned I was going to participant on the Big Bike for Heart and Stroke.  I gave some information but I don't know if it was correct. 
Here is the email they suggest for use:
I am participating in the Big Bike for Stroke in support of the Heart
and Stroke Foundation. You can help me raise funds for the Heart and
Stroke Foundation by sponsoring me online. Just click the link at the
bottom of this e-mail to access my secure pledge page.     

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is committed to protecting the health
of millions of Canadians.  With almost 40% of Canadians expected to
develop some form of heart disease and stroke over their lifetime, the
Foundation’s leadership in understanding the root causes of these diseases,
and in the development and delivery of health education and advocacy
programs, is critical. The majority of funds come from people like you
and these initiatives couldn’t continue without your support.

To make your pledge online, click the link below to access my secure
pledge page.  An electronic tax receipt will be sent to you immediately
via e-mail. 

Thank you for your support.
so click on the link and support.
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