Monday, September 25, 2006

Playoff-bound Tigers keep the party going back home - MLB - Yahoo! Sports

The Sun is shining a little brighter today isn't it? Yes as you can see from the headlines, the Tigers clinched a play-off berth for the first time in a very long time.

This does not mean its all over and now we wait for the post season, no there are still a few goals to reach, the first being to take the AL Central and second, to get to the World Series.

The Tigers have been first since May 20th, or some time like that and it would be a shame to lose first to the hated Minnisota Twins.

Its amazing how strong the Central is, here is Detroit with one of the best records in Baseball, fighting to retain first place. To compare the Yankees, which is a percentage point behind Detroit in the overall standings, won their division last week. Still it is good and I hope the guys enjoy this day off, because its not over yet.

By the way, congratulations also go to the Toledo Mud Hens for winning the International League Championship and to the West Michigan Whitecaps. They won the Midwest League Championship. Both teams are part of the Tigers organization so with winners being produced in the minors the promise for more championships coming to Comerica Park seems a reality into the future.

By the way, Tigers magic number is 6.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

MLB - Standings - Yahoo! Sports

It has been a challenging time for all of us Tiger Fans hasn't it. Our beloved team has been in a bit of a slump over the last month and there's been days in which reading the Sports section has been traumatic, but...

But, they are still in first, they are still in the drivers' seat and there are 10 games left. It's starting to get safe to say that things are getting better for the Tigers, after all they have won the last two series, beating Baltimore and then beating Chicago so there is hope. Of course and this has to be par for the course, right on their heels is the Minnisota Twins. These guys have been the Tigers' nemesis for more years then I care to recall, but they are still looking up at the Tigers and I have to believe the Twinkies can't keep their streak going for long. Oh by the way, thanks Boston for turtling on the Twins, yeah you handed the AL East to the hated Yankees but couldn't you have put up a bit of a fight.

Still, ten games to go, that's all and the AL Central championship will belong to the Tigers.

You gotta believe.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Canadian Interuniversity Sport

What's your Favourite Colour?

Blue and Gold

I had opportunity to watch Windsor hand Toronto a beating, this past Saturday. It was my first visit to the new stadium and may I say it was a pleasant experience. With the exception of a bit of rain it was a good way to spend three hours. The final score was 61-17. Windsor scored often and often.

I know most people would rather go over to watch Michigan play in the Big House, but to me Canadian University Football is more then good enough. Plus the tickets are reasonable and the sight lines are fine.

I'll probably get to a few more games over the season, especially the game with Laurier.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


One of the joys of gardening is to watch as the sunflower plants begin to grow. This year is no exception. I have right now three growing in the garden, one with a large flower and two with medium flowers. I think the large may have been a seed from last year that was in the ground. It is amazing how tall they grow and still manage to stay upright. From the way bees are flying around I suspect there will be a lot of seeds.

I was asked recently what I do with the seeds and my answer is this, I leave them for the birds and squirrels. After all it is there food.

Katrina Now lives in Waterloo

Ten days ago we successfully moved Kimberly to Algonquin College. She's now been attending classes for over a week now, and I believe it's going to go very well with her. She's fortunate to have family near which will help with the transistion.

So yesterday it was daughter Katrina's turn to make the move to a new school. She is attending Wildred Laurier University in the city ofWaterloo Ontario. In honour of the Laurier Golden Hawks I used the colour purple in the title. That is the name of the sports team and purple is the colour. She is taking Classical Studies and English. She is also not living in Residence but is enjoying student housing near the University. It is a clean apartment although a bit small. It was quite interesting to get her furniture up the tiny staircase.

As an aside, while travelling to Ottawa this past weekend, we saw a lot of cars with parents and older teen children moving up the highway. They all had belongs in the back of the car, I suspect it was more university bound students off to apartments and residence. We should have counted.

Also while moving Katrina in, a number of U-Haul's and other rental vans were spotted along the road. It must be the crazy time of year for such communities.

Her classes don't start until next week, so she will be able to adjust to the new life.

She will be missed.

Love Dad