Saturday, July 03, 2004

Today I start my holiday! Yay. It turned out to be a great day weather wise. Okay, I am now going to bore you with a list of what I did for the first day:
1) Slept In
2) Worked on the Garden
3) Vacuumed out the MiniVan
4) Washed the MiniVan
5) Went for a Run ( 7 km)
6) Going to relax and listen to some music.

What I'm listening to right now is Melissa Auf Der Maur's first solo album 'Auf Der Maur". The second cut is getting a lot of airplay, but personally I think the first one 'Lightning is my Girl' is great. I enjoy having it as background as I work on the computer.

Well, nothing overly profound, I've got some theories about medicare that I'm working on, but right now, it's holiday time. It is time to kick back and not do much thinking.


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