Saturday, July 17, 2004

I have to admit, every so often I do find it interesting to watch a
game of golf on television. I keep hoping to find some tricks and
tips that will assist my own rather amateurish game. The good
news is that I recently read most players shoot over 100. So I
feel in good company, those who don't are very good amateurs or
professionals. Since I am neither, I shall be content.

I'm trying the new edit composer which they have
with blogger and may I say it looks sharp. It's nice to see
there are a number of options that can be used when working on
it. I wish some other programs would also get with the program
and use something like this.

Well, not much to report on the political scene,
after the election I think we all need a break. So there's the
Open today, also known as the "British Open" and it's interesting to
watch the weather come in and go out, with apparent ease. One
moment everyone is in the sun and pleasant conditions, the next there
is a storm. So it will be interesting to watch how the weather
acts tomorrow. I wonder if it's better to start or be at the
end. I know that score is the determining factor but with the
weather it's conceivable you could start in good weather and end in
bad. If the openers end in bad, will that mean the leaders will
start in bad?

Something to consider. Who do I hope to
win? Good question. I don't have any favourites, just
hoping to see some good golf.

This isn't much of a thought, but hey it's Saturday and I hope it's going to be a good weekend.

I'm thinking about entering this dualthon in August
so I'll be practicing on the bike tomorrow. The run is only a 3k
and a 6 k. Both of those are normal distances for me, but it's
the bike or combining both which will be tricky. I'll get the
bike out and do about 20 k tomorrow. I'll blog how I felt


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