Sunday, July 11, 2004

Well it's been some time since I posted something. I read an article on the Wired website of many people suffering from burn-out. It would be difficult to be articulate & witty all the time. This wasn't my problem, I've been away for a vacation.

What have I been thinking about? One thing has been the CFL , the Canadian Football League. It seems more Canadian players are playing in the 'skilled' positions such as running back & receivers. This is a nice return. For many years Canadians would be the O-linemen & the kickers. The 'skilled' positions of QB and the abovementioned was for the import (read American) players. Teams like Ottawa are playing more Canadian players. The CFL has a definate import/non-import ratio & it seems more teams are allowing Canadians an opportunity to excel at out game. Canadian football is unique and if you haven't watched any take the opportunity to watch some


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