Wednesday, July 21, 2004

This was going to be a run day for my training of the dualthon in August. After that opening line you are expecting a 'but'. Yes there is one and here it is. But the forecast was for smog and humidex warnings and so I decided to stay indoors. This is not to say I did nothing but watch 'Seinfeld', I did a half hour of weights and a half hour on the treadmill. So I gave myself both a strength and cardio workout for an hour. I do feel good, especially after the shower.
I know the literature does inform a person to add variety to the work out so it doesn't become stale. I worry sometimes it is happening, so I do try to vary the routines. Right now I'm looking for some new weight training workouts to add that freshness to the regimen.
Hopefully the air quality will be better for Friday.
Yesterday I attended a game at Comerica Park the new home of the Detroit Tigers. I have attended a number of games at Venerable old Tiger Stadium, yes I've seen Al Kaline play, but this was my first visit to this new place. I was impressed it is a beautiful place to watch a game. There is an intimate feel to the place and it does have what I want in a stadium, real grass and dirt. I would like to say the home team won, but alas, this is the 21st century Tigers, although they put on a good game and lost 5-4 in 10 innings. I believe this is a team on the rise and will only get better.


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