Sunday, July 18, 2004

Today I started training for the dualthon in August. It's taking place on the 15th. Now it's not like I'm a total newbie, I've done both bike races and runs. Really it's a matter of combining the two with all the necessary work that will entail.
For this day I did my usual 6 k run and then rode for 11 k. The total time was 1 hour 6 minutes. My run was very slow today, I think I intentionally kept it slow for the bike. This week I plan to run on Wednesday and Friday, with the full training of bike and run on next Sunday. I'm hoping to shave time off and then add another 11 k to the bike. For the bike I'm taking sort of my running trail and then doubling it.
I felt good after the bike and with only a water bottle felt hydrated at all times. The bike was not a drain on my strength, especially after a good run so I'm hoping.
I'll let you know how I feel on Wednesday. Oh yes, I'm going to keep the weight training going as well.

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