Wednesday, July 14, 2004

So yesterday I decided to watch the All-Star Game. It was a good game and since I'm more of an AL fan it was really good to see them hammer the National League. There was a few things I didn't enjoy, first that animated character "Scooter". Why do some networks feel they have to make something like this 'cute'. I know it was geared to the kids to explain some of the terms; hey you want to make the game appeal to kids, start it an hour early.

I also didn't care for Bud Selig stopping the game to give Roger Clemens a lifetime achievement awards. I mean it stops the flow of the game, and the All-Star game, while a celebration of the individual baseball player is also a game that pits the best of both leagues. You want to honour a person wait until the game is over. It's lessens the game. Now they talk about how important it is, it was always important, until knobs like Bud Selig decided to cheapen it.

Much has been made about the Rockets horrible first inning, giving up six runs and having the AL batters go through the cycle. I wonder and I understand a lot of people are wondering if Mike Piazza didn't try a little 'Bull Durham' on the Rocketman. As you may know the two hate each other. Although they claim to have patched things up, there will always be some underlying animosity.

If you know the movie 'Bull Durham' it deals with a catcher by the name of 'Crash' Davis, he is given a job to develop a new star pitcher, Ebby Calvin "Nuke" LaLoosh, who has a million dollar arm and a 10 cent head. There's one scene where 'Nuke' brushes off the signs and tells 'Crash' he wants to throw heat. Crash goes back to his position and tells the batter what's coming. The batter obliges and hits the ball out of the park, hitting the Bull sign over the right field fence. So it makes you wonder, did Piazza whisper, 'he's throwning heat' to a few batters. I know Jim Rome has dismissed it during his show today. Well, it's fun to consider isn't it.


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