Wednesday, June 02, 2004

CBC News: Liberals to give billions to help seniors, disabled

I truly believe Paul Martin missed his calling, and that is as a stand up comic. I'm not talking about his promise to give seniors and people with disabilities money, I mean this is chalked up as just another promise to be broken. The only seniors and people with disability that will see money are the "Friends of the Prime Minister". What I thought was funny was this comment: Martin admitted to making mistakes, but he defended his party's governing record over the past decade.

"It is also true in the last 10 years there have been incidents that have caused concern and dismay among Canadians," Martin said.

Dismay? Concern? How about anger Paul? How about rampant cynicism. These weren't just 'incidents', this was part of your record. This was a planned by the Prime Minister Office to rob Canadians blind while making sure their friends were taken care of. This is not an incident, this is the way things were done by your government. Yes, your government, you were the second most powerful man in the land and don't say it was just a couple of 'incidents'. This isn't a few kids stealing candy bars on a dare, this was government policy.

He promised to resign if his promises aren't kept. Before you start having your faith restored let me remind you of an event a few years ago. During the 1993 election Sheila Copps promised to resign if the Liberals didn't get rid of the GST. Well they didn't and she had to be shamed into resigning. Of course she resigned her seat and then ran in the upcoming by-election which she ran. This says a great deal about the people of Hamilton by the way, the result was a lot of money was spent on a silly byelection. The question, why did she run? Nothing changed, except she demonstrated a depth of cynicism that is mind boggling.

Remember all this on June 28th.


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