Thursday, June 10, 2004

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The Liberals are desperate and are now using attack ads against Stephen Harper. You know I don't know if I'm at all surprised. One week the PM says he's going to stick to issues and approach this election on a moral high ground and the next its attack ads. Here is a party that is beyond desperate. I read over the notes and its the usual stuff, that Harper would have sent troops to Iraq ( so would Martin) or that he will change Canada. You know the funny thing is, what's wrong with changing Canada? We have been mired in a sea of cynicism and funk for the last 10 years, maybe a change will be good for us.

What bothers me is that they think this sort of thing will work, that scaring us will get us to flock to the safety of the Liberal party. Memo to Paul Martin, go back to Ontario in the early 90's your man David Petterson, who was Premier and had just called a snap election warned Ontario about the "Socialist Hordes" at the gate and guess what, it didn't work. The electorate is not a bunch of little children that can be frightened into believing their is a bogeyman. It's time the politicians need to grow up and discuss issues.

All this tells me Harper is on a roll, the Liberals are in total confusion and disarray. I can't wait to read that either another Liberal rat is leaving the sinking ship or they'll be a near revolt in Liberal ranks.

Thanks Paul for bring the election down. I hope you enjoyed your stay at Sussex Drive, cause you're leaving real soon.


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