Monday, June 28, 2004

The Globe and Mail

This is it everybody. The big day. Like the headline in the Globe says, just vote. Today is the day we decide who will govern our lives for the next number of years, or perhaps a better time, months. It's easy to sit home and not bother. You look about and spout the mantra 'they're all crooks'. Well, who's fault is that? By not voting you give those in power the idea that they can get away with murder because no one really cares. Prove them wrong and show yoou care by doing one of the easiest chores imaginable. Go to the poll take a little piece of paper, go behind this cardboard booth and make an 'x' at your choice.

Don't know where the poll is, go to your recycle box and pull out on of those election flyers and call the local candidate's office. Tell them you need a ride and they'll come and get you. For the ultimate irony, call the office of the candidate you're not voting for, just don't tell them that.

I guess what I'm saying today is:

Get off your butt and VOTE

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