Saturday, June 26, 2004

G-8 Summit: World Leaders Missed Good Opportunities on Several Issues

If you can remember that far back, Paul Martin had a few photo ops with his new best friend Bono. Bono if you don't know is the lead singer of the band U2, and one of the most social aware rockers you will meet. To give you the scenario, Bono was real happy that his new pal Paul Martin was big on supporting the fight against AIDS in Africa. Paul promised to do whatever is in his power to ensure generic drugs reach this troubled continent.

Let me say I support all efforts to fight this horrible disease, the numbers coming out of Africa are appalling. What's worse is the major pharmaceuticals are doing all in their power to stop this from happening. They don't want to have anything cut into their profits. The tragedy of it all is found in this line: ""Meanwhile, three million people are dying each year from AIDS despite the fact that effective life-extending treatment is already available for less than $1 a day". Lives lost for profit. It is incumbent on the west I believe to help fight this disease. We need to.

What's all this got to do with Paul Martin, well I don't read his name anywhere standing up and demanding the G-8 nations do anything. I mean, yeah they made promises to solve the world's problems, eventually. Listen up all, the world can't wait for the richest nations to get around to it, it must be done now. I notice that when the issue of debt forgiveness to the third and fourth world was brought up by Tony Blair, it was ignored. By the way Paul, this is another favourite topic of your friend Bono. He strongly supports debt forgiveness. It is criminal that the IMF and World Bank demands repayment for loans that basically repays other loans. The IMF puts demands on these nations that destroy whatever social safety net existed. This is a crime, but again, silence from the G-8. Yes they'll do something, eventually, when they get around to it.

Paul Martin, breaks another promise.


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