Wednesday, June 09, 2004

CBC News:Liberal women join to denounce Harper on abortion

I want to give a little lesson on civics. First of all, I do find it funny when Liberals get in a huff over ethical issues, I mean if there's a group that would have problems with ethics its the Liberals. The issue is abortion and the fact that Stephen Harper will allow a free vote on abortion if a privatemembers bill was introduced. I know its important to present your own bias and I will, I am pro-life. I am not a hardcore pro-lifer because I understand there may be circumstances, such as the mother's life in jeopardy which could mean that it might be necessary.

The controversy stems from what happened with Cheryl Gallant:"The women are also concerned about a comment made by Tory MP Cheryl Gallant at a recent pro-life rally on Parliament Hill attended by some Liberal MPs". She was wrong to compare abortion to the beheading of that American, but this is the election and rhetoric tends to be in high gear.
The problem I have is that pro-abortionists are so right about their view is that they allow no other view to be expressed. Hey, all you Liberal pro-abortionists, let me remind you of something, this is Canada this isn't Russia of the 1930's when Stalin told you what to think and heaven help you if you decided to stray from his opinon. Then again, we did have Chretien of the 1990's and with the exception of mass executions and gulags its almost the same. You see, we're so used to being told not to think that when someone suggests thinking it's almost a sin. Funny thing is there are Liberals who agree with Ms Gallant. My it must be refreshing to be allowed to say what you think eh guys and gals.

As for the "notwithstanding" clause of the constitution, let's remember that it was put there by the federal Liberals under that democrat Pierre Trudeau. It has been used once, I believe its called Bill 101 in Quebec.

You can tell things are in trouble when Liberals decide to take a high moral road. Morality and Liberals, can't occur in the same sentence.


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