Thursday, June 03, 2004

I've read with interest the numbers that are coming from Paul Martin. For a person who made a reputation as a fiscal conservative & responsible ministry he's promising everybody a lot of cash. The last number is 27 Billion dollars. He is promising: more money for health care, defense. seniors, disabled & now a national day care policy.

You know this is why people are cynical. Consider a few points the first is all these promises have been said before. This is like every election promise the Liberals have for the last 20 years. The only difference is more money. Second for the last years. forget that, the last year there has been no money for healthcare, cities or the military. Now all of a sudden he can find it. What was it under the cushions at Sussex Drive?

What disturbs me beside this being a new bunch of promises that wont be kept is that its all the same. This is the 4th or 3rd year of a new century & why no new vision for Canada? This could be an election that looks to the future with excitement but all we get are Liberals throwing money at 'problems'.

Let's remember Paul Martin believes it Canadian to pay more taxes so you know what mean our paycheques are not. Oh by the way for a person who loves u & me paying taxes he makes sure his company Canadian Steamship Lines doesn't pay taxes by flying 'flags of convenience'.


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