Sunday, June 13, 2004

What's on my mind Sunday Afternoon

Well I finally saw the vaulted Liberal Attack Ad, good to see my taxdollars at work. The ads are aimed to portray Stephen Harper as a very bad man, who will change Canada and make it a very scary country. So scary you won't recognize the place. Eeew, that's scary stuff boys and girls, to quote Count Floyd.

How scary, let's consider it, first of all the commercial begins by saying that if Stephen Harper had been PM, Canada would be in Iraq, actually if Paul Martin had been Prime Minister, Canada would have been in Iraq. The second point is that the Conservatives will repeal gun laws and make Canada a dangerous place. What the Conservatives would do is scrap the gun registry which has done nothing but piss off a lot of hunters, trappers and farmers and removed a lot of cash from law abiding people. As far as I know the Gun Registry has done nothing to stem the use of guns in crime, or stem the trade in illegal weapons. Got news for the Liberals, crooks don't register guns. It also warns us that our health care will be jeopardized by US style tax cuts. The funny thing, our system is in jeopardy from Martin's hack and slash budgets of the 90's and his US style corporate tax cuts in the early 2000's. Then there is the threat that a Harper government would make a deal with the devil himself, that's Gilles Ducette by the way. Like Martin wouldn't. Then there's the old saw about 'taking away a woman's right to choose. Some of this stuff isn't worth dealing with. Lame Paul, very lame.

Now if you want to see a great ad, click on the link, Ed Broadbent doing rap. Sort of laugh out loud funny. There needs to be more humour, you got to love a political party that doesn't take itself too serious all the time.

Watched England vs France at Euro2004, what can I say, England won in the first 90 and France won in the last 5. Two great goals by Zidane left the English fans in total shock and disbelief. While Beckham assisted with a masterful free kick, his failure to score on the penalty shot opened the way for France to first tie the game and then, after a dreadful brain cramp by Steve Gerrard which caused David James the goalie to tackle Thierry Henry in the box, Zidane scored on his penalty shot for the 2-1 lead and win.

I also did my 7 k run, very warm, but at least I beat the storm. Hey, what's this about Star Choice making us pay for the Weather Network? Contact them and yell at them. This is not a very good idea guys and gals. Weather needs to be free.


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