Monday, May 31, 2004

CBC News: Martin promises to keep promises: "Martin promises to keep promises"

This is interesting, Martin went on the offensive against his opponent, although his opponent isn't Stephen Harper of the Conservatives, or Jack Layton of the NDP or even Gilles Doucette. It's Dalton McGuinty. I know, wait a minute, isn't Dalton the premier of the largest province and isn't he the head of the provincial Liberal party. Don't Liberals kind of work together at election time? Welcome to Election 2004 where the excitement is lost and the PM has the look of a deer in the headlights. Now Martin promises to keep his promise. Obviously he hasn't looked at his party's track record has he? Shall we? Yes, lets. Okay in 1993 it was perceived by the electorate that if elected the Liberals would get rid of the GST. While the PM of the time denied ever saying those words he did not to get rid of the perception. In fact they didn't get rid of the GST. They at a later election promised to put more money into the country's infrastructure and cities. Also the government promised to alleviate child poverty. Just to name a few. Let's be honest the Liberals are bad at keeping their word. They break as many promises as they make.

I thought this was interesting: Martin said at a weekend speech that he will resign if he doesn't fulfill three of his major campaign promises. What are they? Here they are:Martin vowed to improve health care, pour more money into cities and balance the budget while maintaining social programs. Let's see the track record they sacrificed social programs for the balanced budget during the 90's and the early 21st century. In fact the only place where more money was allocated was to the "Friends of the PM" fund. They squandered billions, let's not forget the HRDC debacle and this is to say nothing of the gun registration program, almost 2 billion and counting.

I was trying to consider what this election is like and it came to me, I used to work at a nursing home and I remember when the family would come for their dying loved one. It was always sad and quiet, an expectation of something not going to get better but will end soon. This is election 2004, it's a death vigil and we're waiting for Paul Martin's demise.

It's not coming soon enough.


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