Friday, June 25, 2004

Copps supporters switch allegiance to NDP

I hadn't planned on writing about the election today, I had a story about my cat. I'll mention it at the end of this. Things are getting mighty interesting for the NDP, the headline for today tells of supporters of Sheila Copp switching to the NDP. In a way this is not a surprise, Paul did play fast and loose with Sheila, obviously punishing her for daring to run against him for the leadership of the Liberal Party. In all honesty I am not a fan of Sheila but I must admit, she was hosed by the pro-Martin supporters in the battle for the riding. An interesting comment made by one of her supporters is this: "At a news conference, former Liberal supporter Jimmy Lomax threw his support behind NDP candidate Tony DePaulo.
'We don't want (Prime Minister Paul) Martin,' Lomax said. 'Martin represents dishonesty. How many lies has he told us already?'
". Now this is nasty. I suspect these people are becoming public with the blessing of Sheila? If so then Hamilton may be a very interesting place on the 28th, after all the Copps name carries a lot of support in that city and if it is even believed that Sheila would rather support the NDP then the Liberals it will be game over. I suspect there shall be some interesting races, especially the former riding held by Sheila. There is probably a great deal of animosity towards Martin and this is just some fuel for the fire.

All this is happening at a time when Paul is busy drumming support: Martin appeals to NDP voters to vote Liberal. This is interesting, if you read the article Paul told NDP supporters that he and they shared the same core values. Yes, I can almost hear the NDP'ers rolling on the floor with laughter over that. Yes the NDP with its strong labour roots have much in common with the multi-millionaire owner of Bahamas, erm Liberia, ummm, Canada Steamship Lines. Paul is saying the parties shaer the same view of minority rights, well, that may be true, if we could ever figure out what Paul Martin does belive in, besides clinging to power. Memo to all NDP'ers out there: you share nothing with Paul Martin. Remember he's the guy who gutted the Health Care system. He's the guy who killed social housing. He's also one of the people that used taxpayer dollars for his buds in Quebec. You share nothing with him. Don't be fooled.

I don't think I'ver ever seen a politician so desperate as Paul Martin. He's losing, no he's lost. It's all but over Paul. The pain, well actually, part of the pain will be over on the 28th, although I think some more pain will be soon coming your way. If you listen real hard you can hear them sharpening their knives in Liberal backrooms across the nation. Paul, I would now begin to watch your back.

Now for the cat story. Let me say I like cats. I own a cat, but there are times they bug me. Yesterday I was sitting outside with my cat when he decided to go for a stroll. He went to the wood pile and sniffed around. It was then I saw him launch and grab something. Yes he decided to get in touch with his inner cat and grab a baby bird. Needless to say I went right after him and took it out of his mouth, the bird was a Blue Jay. The place exploded in noise and feathers, I picked up the little bird and was almost attacked by Jays. After some work the bird flew over the fence where the parent birds proceeds to squawk and bomb anything, including me, that moved. I kept an eye on the bird when I could and the Jays were in a very offensive mode. The bird stayed in the neighbour's yard for the night and I could see the parent birds were very occupied keeping an eye for any more predators. At one point, I saw them dive at another cat, who wasn't even near their bird.

When I woke up this morning I heard the Jays. When I let the cat out the Jays were very aggressive and so our cat was cowering on the back porch. I decided to see if I could find the little bird, I did, back on the woodpile, just looking at me. with the feel of feathers, wings and air in my hair, I was divebombed, I left the bird alone. At lunch the Jays and the young chick were gone, the adventure was over.


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