Thursday, June 24, 2004

I've been reading the news today about the Fete-nationale celebrations in the Province of Quebec. It is interesting to consider how a party that calls themselves the party of Quebec continually blows it. If you remember the last referendum the Federal government under Chretien was so lackadasical about it they nearlu lost. If it wasn't for people like Jean Charest it would hàe gone the other way.

The Liberals response to this was to set up the policy of having a prominent presence in the province. This meant sponsoring sports shows & other shows. Of course the result of this was Adscan. The money that was supposed to show the flag ended up in the pockets of friends of the PM.

How did the feds respond to this? One cabinet minister shrugged it off as 'business as usual' in Quebec. So their response to scandel was to say corruption was the usual way in Quebec. The result? The potential is a Bloc sweep in the province. So the end result may be a rejuvinized separtist movement. I hope those companies enjoy the spoils because that money may cause all of us grief.

Thanks Chretien, this is your legacy. Paul, I hope you liked your stay at Sussex Drive, because its coming to an end.


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