Friday, June 04, 2004

How Many Canadian Politicians does it take to change a Lightbulb

Here it is everyone, the explanation of the parties. Of course the ultimate answer is 163, but the importance is the explanation.

Liberals: we shall spend billions to ensure that Canadians enjoy a unique Canadian lightbulb and if I don't change it within the next 2 or three years, I'll resign.

conservatives: we know you demand a change in lightbulb and we will spend about as much money as the Liberals and we'll cut your taxes and slash the graft and corruption that led to the bulb going out.

NDP: It is Paul Martin's fault that the lightbulb went out.

BQ: who cares, we're leaving

Green Party: we will install an energy efficient lightbulb that uses alternative energy.

Marijuana Party of Canada: Dude, smoke this and you won't care if the light is out or not. Whoa anybody got some munchies?

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