Wednesday, May 12, 2004

With the arrest of a couple of the people behind Adscam I wonder if this will end the parliamentary investigation of the scandel? I noticed that the committee is hoping to wrap up and prepare their interm report. Now let's see, there is talk of an election within a couple of days and that will mean the committee will be closed until the results. Will that mean, if there is a return of the Liberals to power that we will never get a report, final, intermin or otherwise?
I am sure the Liberals would love to sweep this whole mess under the carpet so that they can continue to act in the same old way, I mean does anyone really believe that Paul Martin is a democrat? I find it a joke that he's so buddy-buddy with Bono, just because he said a few nice things about debt forgiveness in the third world. I'd like to sit down with Bono and tell him what this guy has done to 'improve' the needs of poor people in Canada. He has ensured they do not have access to good health or that if they find themselves unemployed, he was the guy that slashed back their EI benefits. Paul sounds concerned about issues but he acts like a neo-conservative. He has not done anything to help get generic drugs to the third world. In fact he cut back foreign aid to the third and fourth world.

Some people who I talk to think the Liberals will get back in, if that's the case then this blog will be very busy for the next while. I think I'll be keeping my thoughts before the people for a long time.
Information has reached me that we Canadians will be going to the polls on June 28th. With a 39-40 day campaign that means the writ will be dropped on the 20th or 21st of May, watch for it.


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