Thursday, May 27, 2004

Reuters AlertNet - Canada to boost defense, aid spending - minister

You have to love election campaigns, they can always find the money to solve problems that they couldn't while in office. Here the Finance Minister is saying money will be available to help Canada's underequipped and underfunded millitary. I love the line by the Defence Minister: Defense Minister David Pratt has said there has been a 40-year decline in military spending relative to the size of the economy. Let's just remind ourselves who has been in power for most of those 40 years, the Liberals. They are the ones who have been strangling the military and now all of a sudden, lo and behold they can spend more money. Well it's a miracle.

I sometimes wonder how stupid the Liberals truly believe the electorate is, they want to operate like the last ten years don't exist. The last ten years of the Liberals cutting funds to healthcare, post-secondary school education and the military kinda sorta happened, but it was somebody else, not them because they can fix the problem. Hey if you believe that, I own a very tall structure in Canada I'm willing to sell for the right price.

You add to this what else Ralph Goodale said the West better vote Liberal, if they know what's good for them. That's true, because if you support the governing party all sorts of government favours will come your way. Why just ask the people of Toronto who have sent Liberals to Ottawa for the past decade, look at all the support they've received. The Waterfront is vastly improved, well, not yet. The infrastructure is improved, actually not. Their public transit system is second to none and if the lack of federal support keeps going they will be none. Okay, so maybe Toronto is a bad example, hey it was the Liberals that brought the Rolling Stones to the city for the SARSfest. Forget the feds didn't do anything during the SARS outbreak please they tell us, forget.

But I have to admit, if you live in Shawinigan, you got a lot of federal money, more so then any other place. Yes voting Liberal is the way to enjoy federal money but only if you're the PM's riding. Again, how stupid does Ralph Goodale think we are. Let's be honest the only people who have enjoyed Liberal largess are the friends of Prime Minister Jean Chretien. All the rest of us got were longer lines at emergency rooms, children with crippling university debt and a crumbling country. Yes, this is the legacy we've enjoyed.


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