Wednesday, May 19, 2004 - McGuinty defends health premiums, deficit

Here is my thought on the matter of premium. First of all, it's to be expected, after all we have had 'free' service for these many year. Understand as well 'free' is a relative term since I pay for these service through my taxes. So I wasn't too surprise. However I want to know what guarantee I have that the monies raised through the premiums will go to the place intended. I want to know that I can have better health because it's being used for this mmatter and not going into general revenue to be used for whatever. I know they've talked about a special tax in Ottawa for this, yeah right. I believe what one commentator said, Ottawa is the place where your money goes to die.

Here is what I truly believe, the government and this is both federal and provincial believe in the two tier system, everything points to it. However they know if they use the 'p' word they will be trashed in the media and killed in the polls. To come out and say it is politicial suicide. Consider another tact what if they starve the system; make it so bad that the only solution is to open part of it, at first to private investment. Nothing big at first but if they can prove that the system is got serious problems and even though more money is in the system it can't be fixed. It becomes inevitable. Now consider we are used to paying 'premiums', its expected so what if it goes to an HMO? I believe they are getting us ready for the day when instead of the government we will be paying for medical insurance. Does it matter in the end who gets the money? This will be the big lie.

The government has all but given up on public health, they are getting huge support from the Canadian subsidaries of the American HMO, and they want to introduce private care. They have to use stealth. It's like this, if you take the oxygen away from a patient, rip the mask off their face, you will kill them, but get charged. If you squeeze the oxygen just a little, you get the same result, it may take longer but no one gets charged.

This is what McGinty, this is what Paul Martin have been doing and will do until the patient, public healthcare is dead.


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