Friday, May 28, 2004

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Let's take a time trip to this past weekend, Paul Martin wakes up on Saturday, goes to the door and picks up the National Post. Sorry I don't see him reading the Toronto Star (the in-house organ of the Liberal Party of Canada). At the breakfast table he looks at his lovely wife Sheila and says, 'Hon, I think I'm going to visit Adrienne (the governor-general) and have her dissolve parliament and call an election'.

So Sunday he gets Ralph Goodale (finance minister) to press his best suit and goes to Rideau Hall. So far so good one would think. However that may have been the best moment of the election. Since then what has happened; his call to put more money into healthcare brought nothing but laughter from the average Canadian. Also the Premier of Ontario ( a Liberal) to whom Paul should look for support, says the promise is 'just an election promise that you shouldn't count on, he should know. This causes Paul to snipe, 'well, I would have kept My promise not to raise taxes. Well guarantee Dalton isn't going to be on any platform with Paul anytime soon, unless its to stand behind him and flip the bird. Add to that Jack Layton accuses Paul of being responsible for the death of homeless people. This may be a stretch but government have to take responsibility for cutting the social safety net. To be honest under Paul's watch the gulf between the rich and poor has widened. Add to this Stephen Harper accuses Paul of endangering our troops by giving them bad equipment. Can you say "Sea King" Mr. Martin? Of course Paul's response is to say, 'we're going to get them those new helicopters. Wait a minute you had 10 Years to get them new helicopters and now you can???

So far the campaign is lurching badly add to this the fact that the BC Liberals are at war with each other, Sheila Copp's followers are helping the NDP in Hamilton and Chretien has said he's not going to campaign for Martin. Now this is all bad and now the news of the day, Alfonso Gagliano is going to sue Martin and the feds for wrongful dismissal. Beautiful. Bring the adscam to everyone's radar again. Gee I wonder who was behind this idea. Maybe Martin should have asked Chretien not to campaign against him.

The 2004 election campaign the textbook model of disaster. Bye bye Paul.


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