Tuesday, May 25, 2004

CBC News: Martin promises billion dollar health-care boost

There are times in an election campaign with an overwhelming sense of ennui sets in. For Paul Martin that feeling has appeared on the third day of the election. Okay he promises billions of dollars for our health care system, the same system he ransacked like Attila the Hun during his tenure as Finance Minister. You know why ennui sets in? It happens because you have the feeling you've heard it all before. Oh sure, all of a sudden during election campaigns the leaders all get some form of religion, for Paul it's healthcare. He did nothing to impliment the Romanov Report. Nothing, yet in the midst of the election he can find billions that couldn't be earmarked for healthcare. Shame he didn't do this a couple of weeks ago, maybe his pal Dalton in Ontario wouldn't have had to tax all of us to pay for healthcare. It never ceases to amuse me, a premium on healthcare, like we don't pay for it already?

Another thing about Paul is the fact he wants to wrap himself in the Canadian flag, pity he doesn't believe in flying the Canadian flag from any of his ships. The Canadian Steamship Line flies a number of 'flags of convenience', I sure it's to keep them competitive, after all Canada's rules are notoriously bureaucratic and interferring. Patriotism is the final refuge of the scoundrel. Truly Samuel Johnson was correct in his observation. I want to say right now the campaign is over, the Liberals are going to lose. This promise for healthcare is as meaningful as any other Liberal promise over the past decade, be it GST, NAFTA, urban renewal and revitalization, hey Toronto how's the waterfront, last election Chretien promised to fix it. It doesn't matter, another promise to break. Remember that on electon day.


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