Friday, May 14, 2004

CNEWS - Tech News: Poll: Cdns downloading less

You would think this is good news, that people are downloading less music. I mean hasn't the CRIA and RIAA been going on and on about how wrong it is to download music off the internet and what an evil thing Kazaa et al are? You would think this is joyous news, yet if you read the article it seems they have 'figures that disprove this'. Let me quote you from the article:The Canadian recording industry was quick to dismiss the results of the survey, saying their figures show downloading is just as popular an activity as ever. Hey guys, I want to challenge you, release your figures, I mean you can hide behind the statement that you have proof to the contrary, let us see it. It's like the document released by those two professors claiming downloading didn't harm record sales, the response was ridicule from the RIAA, I did a blog, look up the April archive. Okay, show us your numbers. Prove this one wrong. What I like is what Graham Henderson said: because most people lie when asked if they've done something wrong. So let me figure it out, a neutral party asks if I download and I will lie and say 'no', but if someone from the CRIA calls and ask the same question I'm likely to say 'yes'. Huh?

I wondered why they the recording industry would not want this news out, it didn't make sense why not trumpet the fact your strategy is working. Then it came to me in another article MPs' pan could end free music downloading. Here's the answer they want the parliament to enact stiffer copyright laws. Of course, if it's no longer a problem then you don't need this. Keep it a problem and you'll stifle initiative and force people to continue to buy your overpriced crap.

You see the recording industry wants to keep the spectre of p2p filesharing as the source of all their woes, otherwise they'd have to admit it's because their product is utter trash. Plus they want to get their way with the politicians which they alway seems to have money to buy off.

Again, let me make a challenge to Graham Henderson and weazels like him, show us the numbers. That's all, prove us how big a problem it is, prove us that statistics prove that downloading actually does hurt record sales. Come on, don't hide behind the statement, 'well our number..', show us those number.


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