Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I'm taking the evening off from politics to talk about my new DVD purchase. Last night I decided to pay out the money and buy Tron. A movie I haven't seen since it came out in theatre. I mean I went to see it then, part of my nerd pedigree, but since then, I may have seen it on Family Channel but only once. Well I put the disc in a spent a delightful 90 minute watching and listening to the movie. When it came out it was quite groundbreaking, it combined the best of the Disney animation tradition with the new CGI technology. I know that compared today the effects are crude and no doubt it would be quite amazing today. However it is still amazing. Disney did produce a movie that was radical in the format and beautiful in the rendition.

As I viewed it and since it's been a long time much of the story was sketchy, I thought we were seeing something from Medfield College, the scene of other Disney movies such as "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" and that, but when the movie leaves this world for the world of computer and games, it becomes beautiful. Wendy Carlos' soundtrack is gorgeous, her use of the synthesizer and electronics is wonderful.

What also impressed me was the cast, while all were youthful, Jeff Bridges and David Warner, what amazed me was the other cast members. Bruce Boxleitner and Peter Jurasik, it was the start of Babylon 5! Quite amazing.

I know the movie is one people either like or dislike it still is a delight and I'm glad I purchased it.

I know I promised to keep the politics out of it, but I noticed CBC doesn't even feature any political news tonight. The election in search of a reason that's what it should be called.


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