Sunday, May 16, 2004

Well, this being Sunday, I was hoping for a quiet afternoon. It was just going to be me, a good book and my boombox, playing the tunes. It was a mild day, sunny and no rain which was something for this past week.

So what happen? Two neighbours decided to get our their riding mowers and cut their backyards. Now I have no problem with people doing whatever, but please one day just a quiet afternoon please. I know people work hard during the week, but to have two machines going, then another person on the next block decided to use the noisiest vacuum cleaner to do their car. ARGGH. I heard it over the two mowers, that's enough I thought. Fortuneately by this evening I was able to get out with a good book Fences and Windows, by Naomi Klein. Her dispatches from the anti-globalization struggle. It's a series of articles so a quick read. Well I was able to read it after all, so the day wasn't a total waste. Plus I decided to go for a medium length run (7 km), felt quite good afterwards.

Well, that was my Sunday.


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