Thursday, May 20, 2004

Okay, let's not mince words, the provincial Liberals broke their main promise. "No tax increase", well guess what, we have just experienced a tax increase. Call it a premium, call it a blue cow, it is still a tax increase. Today in the paper it mentioned the federal Liberals, to deflect the heat, are going to blame the provincial Tories for this huge increase. It was their fault, left left the huge deficit. Here's a few things I discovered, when Mike Harris took office in 1995 and understand I am not a fan of Mikey, he faced an 11 billion dollar deficit, almost double what McGinty faces, and he kept his word.

Before Paul Martin gets it on let's remember a few things, 1) when the federals took office one of their, alledged, promises was to get rid of the GST, is it gone? Also you have to understand why the health care is in such bad shape. The blame has to be laid at the feet of the Paul Martin Liberals, never ever ever forget he was the finance minister when the federal government slashed transfer payments to the provinces. They cut the heart out of the system. It was their work. Before the feds contributed almost half, now it's about what, 25%. Who did it, the guy who says 'blame the Tories for the mess'. No not quite true, blame the Liberals, they're the ones who have been running the show.

In their minds it's like the 90's didn't happen and if it did they don't know what happened. Remind them of this fact next time one of those lying weasels comes to your door wanting your vote.


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