Tuesday, November 02, 2004

This is the BIG morning for the Americans. You have an opportunity to make a change in your nation. Personally and I write this as an outsider, I hope you consider the claims of John Kerry and vote accordingly.

As you know from previous blog I now don't support your war in Iraq, your brave soldiers are dying to make the world safe for companies like Haliburton. The war is a sham, an move to gain access to Iraq's Oil field. Period. There is no plan to establish a safe government that will be recognized as legitimate by the people. There is no exit plan and the result will be more death. I had a long talk with a Vietnam Vet and he shared his experience ( 3 tours of duty), he believes Iraq has the potential of being this generation's Vietnam. It is a war he believes the US should not engage in and it will only get bad. I asked him about John Kerry and his opinion following his experience; he said Kerry only voiced what a lot of vets felt about the War.

I would say to my fellow believers, you have been sold a bill of goods. If you listen to people like Jerry Falwell, you are making a big mistake. Republicans have done nothing for Christians; yes I know they push all the right buttons, abortion, private schools, prayer in schools and so on, but you know something, they have done very little. You want to know why, because if they actually did come through with these they would not have your support. They have no desire to do that. They want to keep you on their side and so they paint the Democrats as the devil incarnate when they have no interest in following through. The reason why so many televangelists support the Republicans comes from simply corruption- their money comes from monied interests. Big money has no interest in the gospel of Jesus. There are a number of reasons most of them being Money has always appointed the Gospel. I remind you the message of Jesus was good news to the poor and the Rich hate good news for the poor. Also the Republican Party is filled with bigots. It's interesting to note that in Ohio, the Republicans will have scrutineers ready to challenge the registration of any and all voters. Kind of reminds me of the Nazi's having their Brown Shirts out of polling areas to intimidate voters. It's the same thing. Why are they doing this, because they hate Blacks and poor people. They will intimidate anyone they feel won't be voting Bush. This is wrong. You let people vote. Period. You don't intimidate people you allow them the right to exercise their rights. You can read about it here. President Bush, call off their 21st century Brown Shirts. Let the people decide. That's what a democracy is all about, allowing people the right to choose without fear of intimidation. You might say I'm using that word a lot, well that's the word to be used. Don't you dare President Bush. You allow all people the privilege to vote. Tell your brother to knock off the crap in florida.

Well I'll be watching The Daily Show this evening at 10:00 PM. Should be good.


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