Friday, November 26, 2004

London Free Press: News Section - Sgro defends strippers' right to work in Canada

Far be it for me to question the word of a minister of the crown but, HUH?????

This is beautiful, Sgro is defending the fact she fast tracked a woman, who is a stripper, into Canada because she just happened to work on her campaign. This is hilarious. I have a question, why can't she simply admit she was wrong?

What is interesting is the comment from the law professor, not that Canadian strippers would never do the demeaning things demanded of them, it's rather the quality of the stripper. I mean if true, these young women are teachers, nurses and other trained professionals. Look if they applied as a nurse, they would be turned down, because the medical professional is very protective. I mean, yes they complain about the lack of people, but trust me they don't want to have foreigners coming in to take 'their' jobs. Yet, because these ladies can take their clothes off, a skill most of us learn when we're three, they're allowed in. Because they will humiliate themselves to beer drinking beer bellied louts, who's 'managers' give money to the Liberal Minister of Immigration, they get in.

Judy, Judy, Judy. You were wrong. Admit it, resign will you. You're only making yourself look very very stupid.

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