Thursday, November 18, 2004

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A moment of silence as we remember the political career of Carolyn Parrish. Bow your heads for just a moment.

Thank you.

You know here's a case of a person who didn't know where the line was drawn even after it was freshly painted and it was pointed out to her. I invite you to read the article to refresh yourself about her rather interesting career and the unique ability she had of walking and talking with feet in her mouth.

From early on it was obvious she didn't like George W. Bush, in fact I would say 'hate' would not be too far off the mark. Well she demonstrated her opinion by applying the boot of logic, leather too, to a GWB doll. Now people were crying for her head after that, but what really did it was when she expressed her opinon about the PM. Apparently she had some inside information as to where he was going to spend eternity. It seems Paul doesn't care too much for dissension in ranks. Oh well, so much for the "democratic deficit".

Well she's been banished to the back of the proverbial bus, she now sits as an independent. Now while the name indicates a certain strength of character and ideals if you wanted the truth a better name would be 'leper'. She will be treated like one and shunned like one. She will effectively disappear from the political stage since lepers, sorry, independents have absolutely no political clout. Also since she is not a 'Liberal', she will get no support for her nominations or even get anyone like the PM to sign off on them.

Oh well, enjoy the pension Carolyn, I think that's all you will have coming.


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