Monday, November 15, 2004

G4techTV - The Screen Savers

Let me tell you a little story: a few years ago my family and I were driving through northern Michigan. At night we stopped at a motel to relax and just sleep. The motel had satellite TV and I discovered this channel called "TechTV". I watched 'Max Headroom', 'Thunderbirds' and this other show called 'the ScreenSavers'. I was hooked. A channel that liked the same thing I liked, gadgets, technology and computers. I decided then and there if there was any chance I was going to get this channel. A year later we signed up for satellite. It was the Canadian provider StarChoice. As I went through the booklet I saw it, TechTV!. I immediately ordered that as part of the channels available. Since then I became an even bigger fan. I watched, "The ScreenSavers", "Call for Help", "Robot Wars", "XPlay" and even 'Unscrewed'. Now they had a few Canadian based programs such as re-runs of 'ShiftTV', let us bow for a moment of silence to that now defunct magazine, 'shift'.

Things went well until this spring, when news of merger with it and another channel called G4TV. This came to pass and alas things started to change, the first to go was Leo Laporte, who was both the host of 'the ScreenSavers' and 'Call for Help'. Then all these other shows started to appear like G4TV? Huh? The summer came and there was the promise of even more things, changes changes. 'Call for Help' also got rid of Cat Schwartz, they had Wil Wheaton, which wasn't all that bad.

So the summer came and late in it there was still rumours of change and some concrete news, one was that Leo was coming back with Call for Help, he announced he was coming back, 'Canada!'. The new 'the Screensavers' debuted with Kevin Rose, Sarah Lane and Alex Albretch. Okay it started slow, I mean Alex taking a sledgehammer to a Mac was not cool but they were beginning to gel as a team. Certainly the time Alex kept the thermal cam on Sarah was ummm interesting, you certainly got a good view of her perky nips that's for sure.

Now the news, 'The ScreenSavers' is in hiatus until the end of November and there will be change. There is already the news that Alex, modder Yoshi and Dan are gone! Now we are left to know, just what will those idiots at G4TechTV do next. You see G4 is a gaming network and hasn't a clue. The shows that they brought are stupid. Here's the list of their idiotic shows, G4TV, Players, Arena reveal a level of stupidity that is breathtaking.

I hate to think what will be next.

I'm waiting to pull the plug on G4TechTV.


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