Monday, November 08, 2004

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I had just returned from picking up my daughter from work when I happened to look up in the skies. I saw this wisp of something and wondered if it was the northern lights, then I looked a bit west and what a display. The sky was alive with Aurora. It was amazing. I quickly turned off the lights in the front of the house and just stood there. I was mesmerized by the sight, all this shimmering gossamer dancing and moving south. After about 20-25 minutes the front of the aurora reached Orion and it covered the constellation in a gauze of colour.
The Aurora was dancing and shimmering all around me, even straight above me was the aurora. I couldn't believe how much of the sky was covered with it. It stayed the green and then later on, some pockets of red began to appear and move, this was west of my position. I took some pictures but I haven't downloaded them to take a look. It was an amazing display, and from what I read, more of the same tonight. So guess what I'm doing tonight.

Earlier in the afternoon, my wife was complaining that the satellite was kicking out every so often, I think we now know the answer, must have been some solar wind storm.

So tonight all, get out and watch.


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