Thursday, November 11, 2004


The typical response by Ottawa, slap a tax, sorry a levy on something. Here it is again, Ottawa is attempting to combat the fact that people are sharing files all over the Internet by making us pay a levy for the privilege to hook our computers onto the Internet. Let me say something first of all, if you want to quote what I say, you can, free of charge. That's right my wisdom for not a cent, nada.

The problem is there's already a levy on a lot of things. There a levy on blank cassettes and CD's. I'm sure there's a levy on MP3 players and anything that can play a MP3 file. Now this.

The question that comes to mind, who hands out the money. If the assumption is this is a levy that will be distributed to the owners of the copyrighted material, who is going to see that the right people get the money. Okay, the easy target is downloading music and software. Just send the money to Bill Gates and to Celine Dion, but what about photographs? What about documents? In other words what about the rest. Usually with photographs it's either offered for free or there is a charge to download. There are a number of online companies that sell photographs and you pay for that right.

Now this is interesting: "The committee's premise is that all work on the Internet is someone's property. You can read it or listen to it, but unless there is an explicit legal notice saying the material can be used, you would not be permitted to save a copy to disk or print it out without paying a copyright collective such as Access Copyright." True, but how many people make their material available free of charge. Creative people don't mind making it available for people to read, look, listen or watch thethey do it because they want to. I publish a web based ezine and I receive material from around the globe, from people who aren't looking for financial reimbursement, rather to get their work out into the public eye. Am I an evil person because I share their work, of course not. If I didn't that would defeat the purpose of the exercise. Here is our politicians listening to the special interest groups, read the ones with the money, rather then caring for the needs of ordinary people
Another good site is 'Canada wants an Internet levy -- fight back!'. There is a link to a petition that you can sign and send to Ottawa. Also it is a good idea to send your email to the Heritage Minister Liza Frulla @
. Let your voice be heard.

Peace and today, thank a Veteran.

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