Tuesday, November 16, 2004

TheStar.com - Sensible helmet law

A little while ago, one of the MPP's in Ontario put forward a private members bill that would call for the mandatory wearing of bike helmets while riding bikes or going out on roller blades. Since that time the writers in my local paper have been almost unanimous in their criticism of this proposed measure. I can almost imagine the writers turning various shades of either blue or red as they work themselves up in a lather over this perceived violation of their cherished rights and freedoms. Often the writers will warn us of that this legislation is not as innoculous as we all presume it to be. In fact this law will put us on the slippery road to the establishment of a Soviet style Communist regime. We all know from reading our history books that it was only when Lenin ordered all cyclists in Russia to don on a bike helmet that he was able to established the Communist system.

Let me say a few things about this, I am a cyclist and I couldn't imagine going riding without my helmet. The purpose of the helmet is to protect the rider from serious head and brain injury. I started doing serious riding in BC, where it is mandatory and it makes a lot of sense. Not only that but helmets are made of light weight material and have enough air holes to ensure there is proper ventilation of there. Plus kids and adults wearing helmets are very cool. If you question that statement consider this, Alison Sydor wears a helmet. That makes it not only right but very very proper.

Mind you what I don't appreciate is the fact that the government wants to institute fines and all that for those scofflaws who refuse to wear them. That's good, it will either be a cheap ticket for the cops to give out when it's quota season, or unenforceable. I'm sure once the police solve all the murders, rapes and robberies, they'll get right after those nefarious cyclists without helmets.

Again, wear helmets guys and gals it will make you look very cool.


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