Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Supper rules irk churches

Lately the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has been in the news due to its zeal in cracking down on the GREATEST HEALTH RISK FACING CANADIANS. What is it, you may ask. Well, let's consider the list.

Is it; West Nile? Please
How about Avian Flu? Oh get over yourself
The increase of Sexually Transmitted Diseases? What millenium are you living in.

No, the greatest health risk facing the people of Windsor and Essex County is, wait for it, the Church Supper. I know, gasp, the horror. It's true, they are going after the church supper. What they have doen is:
the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has sent letters to all churches and fraternal organizations advising them the unit will require advance notification and an inspection before any special event where food is prepared and served to the public.

Let's think about a few things, the average home is far cleaner the then best restaurant in any city, have you ever watched Restaurant Makeover? The people cooking have an interest in ensuring the food is at its best. They are aware that if anyone gets sick it will spell the end of their supper. Plus if they cook in the same environment and with the same care as they feed their own family, things should be safe.

But this logic fails in the minds of the Supper Stazi, another example of bureaucrats inventing a new way to protect us from ourselves. Or should I say, making a crisis, or dealing with a crisis where none exists.

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