Monday, May 15, 2006

My New Sunday night Ritual

With the beauty of the Internet, I have a new ritual.  Each Sunday night, I make myself a bowl of popcorn, pour myself a glass of juice and fire up the computer.  I then start up the Media Center and start the new Doctor Who episode. 
I mentioned in an earlier blog I have found a place that shows the new episodes that feature David Tennant as our beloved Doctor and Billie Piper as his companion Rose Tyler.  So far this season, Rose's boyfriend Mikey, played by Noel Clarke has joined the crew but so far not as an equal.  He has felt a bit like the third wheel and really not that important.  By the way, the wikipedia article quotes from one of the British newspapers that (spoiler warning) Noel is leaving after the second part of the Cyberman episode.
I watched the Cybermen episode last night and it was a cliffhanger, the Doctor and his group surrounded by Cybermen who have decided they are to be deleted
The Cybermen are an interesting addition to a season which has seen the return of Sarah Jane Smith and K9 as well as reference to both Canada and a previous companion of the Doctor.  Also there is the setting of the stage of the new Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, which will be interesting.  In last night's episode there was a one-off mention of Torchwood, it was just in passing and you had to listen close.
So I plan to keep this going until the end, which will be during the first week of July, and then in the Fall, I'll watch the series on the CBC.  Hold it, just found this information.  So June 20th, that's fantastic.
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