Saturday, May 13, 2006

Family Fun

Okay, first of all the names are being changed to protect the innocent.
Stephanie may figure the story out.  It has to do with two of her nieces, let's call them Lynnkate and Chelra.  It seems Lynnkate and Chelra were having an argument at the dinner table.  Lynnkate who is the eldest of the children was telling the younger she was stupid and couldn't do anything.
Chelra who is indeed the younger responded by saying there was one thing Lynnkate could not do.  This brought the response from Lynnkate that she could do everything.  Chelra looked at her sister and said the one thing Lynnkate couldn't do was "shut up".  This brought about a spasm of comments from Lynnkate to which Chelra calmly stated, 'see, you can't shut up'.
The parents of course couldn't respond as they could, but the father said they both laughed once the daughters left the table.
Chelra is a very smart little girl and it is a good thing she uses his wisdom for good.  However I fear she may be seduced by the dark side of the Force.Ads by AdGenta.comTechnorati Tags : ,
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