Sunday, May 21, 2006

Skype is Free

Perhaps you got the information by reading  If you did you know that Skype is now making it available for people to call any telephone in North America for free.  Yes, that is the word, 'free'.
If you go to the Skype site you can get all the information. This is what you need to do, download the software, have a computer with high speed internet and own a headset.  When you install the software, get it running, plug in the headset and start dialing.
There is a information page here
Again, let me say, you can call any telephone number in North America, either a long distance one or a local. 
You may be wondering what the reception is like, I called a friend and we had a very nice chat and I asked him how it was sounding, it said the conversation was fine.  I could hear him clearly at my end as well.  He asked if a person could continue to work on the computer as well as use Skype so we did a quick test.  I opened up a word processor (Microsoft Works) and did a bit of typing, he said he thought there was a slight delay for just a moment, otherwise he detected nothing.
So let me say, it works and its worth it.  Remember free is always a good thing.  Mind you its only until the end of the year, but still, that's a lot of phone calls.
I want to recommend everybody download Skype and get going.
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