Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sony Pictures - The Da Vinci Code

So I had opportunity to see Da Vinci Code on Monday. There was a good crowd in the theatre. So after sitting back I watched with interest the movie. Let me say I did read the book so I am familiar with the various points of historical controversy that were part of the whole Da Vinci Code.

Here is my thoughts of the movie: overall I was satisfied with it. The movie was true to the book, althought a number of scenes were cut out, but then again this is always expected with movie adaptions of books. Secondly, it is interesting to see the various misinterpretations of history, such as the whole pagan v Christian thing. While there was discussion that both sides were involved in atrocity, if you know the history of the early church it was usually the Christians that got it in the end, in fact it wasn't until 313 AD, with the Edict of Milan that there was religious tolerance throughout the Roman Empire.

There was some interesting historical cutaways, one which showed the supposed court at Nicea where it was alledged they discussed the divinity of Jesus. What was funny was the showing of the delegates in ecclesiastic robes, which would have been something considering that official persecution had just ended, so likely robes of fine material was not part of the wearing apparel.

Oh yes, I thought the movie downplayed the evidence as found in the book, the whole "Last Supper" scene made the concept of Mary Magdelene being the disciple by Jesus almost foolish. It more disproved rather then brought up proof. Perhaps it was the way Sir Ian McKellen played his character but his evidence seemed far more circumstancial and only a theory and a poor one at best.

I though Audrey Tautou was the perfect Sophie and Tom Hanks was a good Robert Langdon. Tom Hanks did give the performance of a man that was being moved along by circumstances not totally under his control, which was the case.

The cinematography was brilliant with the various scenes of the book well portrayed. The ending was a delight, the interaction between Sophie and Robert, at the end removed the risk of an anticlimax.

I would say that if you plan to see the movie, do a quick search of Leonardo Da Vinci and the history of the early Christian Church to gain a good balance.

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