Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Yahoo! News - U2's Bono Should Head World Bank, Paper Urges

Perhaps on one level this makes no sense, after all, what does a rock star know about the intricacies of global finances and financing. On the other, it was the actions of the World Bank pressing an agenda of monitarism and globalization that precisely led to the impoverishment of the third world. Yes Bono is not a banker, but then again, he understands poverty.

As mentioned it is the LA Times and yes where else, after all, what other state would elect an actor as governor, not once but twice. So it only makes sense that the entertainment capital of the world would consider an entertainer for the job. However Bono's passion for the development of the third world and the ending of poverty makes him a pretty good candidate. After all, it has been the policies of the World Bank that brought about the problems so perhaps another point of view would make a positive difference.

You can read the editorial here.
Honestly, while it probably won't happen, it does make you think.


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