Monday, March 07, 2005

BBC NEWS | Middle East | US demands 'action' from Syrians

It's rather ironic that the US is demanding Syria pull out of Lebanon. First of all, this is a laudable desire, Syria should end their occupation of Lebanon. They entered as occupiers, no matter what Hezbullah says, they came to occupy a sovereign nation. Yes Lebanon was going through a difficult civil war, which was inspired by the Syrian backed Hezbullah, by the way.

Now it is time for them to leave.

It's also time for the US to consider their exit strategy from Iraq. Forget the rhetoric, they are occupiers. They invaded a sovereign nation under dubious reasoning and not a shred of evidence of either a) weapons of mass destruction or b) connection with Al-Qaida. Although I do believe Saddam did have WMD which he used on his own people.

But the problem, how to leave Iraq without the whole nation blowing up in a huge and ugly civil war? The next question is what about the oil? who will profit from the reserves that are in Iraq, the Iraqi people or the oil friends of George W. Bush?

Free Lebanon
Free Iraq


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