Saturday, March 26, 2005 - File Swappers Find New Ways to Trade Tunes

This makes sense and before the RIAA breaks open the champagne let's be honest, it has nothing to do with them. You see it goes to the basic standards of people. People are inately honest and will pay for services if they are a good price.

The problem has been people felt they were being gouged by the record industry and the p2p was a reaction to this feeling. Now that there are safe alternatives, such as Itunes and the new Napster. You have to remember that people will pay for good services. The above and to them I do add Puretracks offer good and safe services. We all remember when Jack Valanti went on a ramage against VCR players but it was the VCR that stimulated the movie industry, in fact to a number of movies, it is rentals that make them profitable.

So all, with our Ipods and all that we can have a lot of great sources for tunes.


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