Friday, March 18, 2005


so here's the deal, Fiona Apple's latest CD is unavailable to the fan. The label didn't release it; however it is available throught the Internet, but people who post it are getting nasty letters from the RIAA.

Okay, so the label doesn't want it out there, I mean obviously they believe there's no interest, but people are downloading it at a huge rate? so what's the problem. If they don't want to release it, then let the fans still listen.

This link will allow you to see the tracks, and well, far be it for me to encourage piracy, but I believe if you right click and then look for the word 'save', something wonderful will happen. so give it a try and see if that wonderful thing will happen.

The Wired article is here if want to get more information.also there's a site called Free with a great deal of interesting information. You can download a poster.

so if you like good music, do what you can.


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